The idea of giving a touch of originality, class, image and beauty born from the desire to put you in the spotlight, that charisma, that sense of self-determination and self-control, they could distinguish anytime, anywhere count at any time on our perfumes.

Not surprisingly, the line has been designed and created fragrances with five male and five female fragrances, where the bottle is the human being in general, the colors of the packaging and the fragrance will represent the various lifestyles that will distinguish. This, the result of a dream come true, carried out over the years.

We selected and blended the best elements so that you can have the best effect and best performance anytime, anywhere because our intention is to accompany you at all times to the best goals of life giving you the desire to live forever.

To talk about you, to hear your wake, that smell, that sense of freshness, you’ll leave in your gestures, places and habits, you remember through a sense, a fragrance, a scent, are priorities for us who could not give up.

After an event associated with a bouquet and a feeling, after years of comparison and use perfumes, that made the dream of a man, and creator of this line, Onofrio Fusco.

A man his color, a man her perfume.